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Legal 247 consultancy

Legal 247 is a unique legal support councilling franchise for various legal matter.

Formed by very experience Barristers from London with Head office in India  to support clients for

1) Criminal Law matters in UK, EU, India.

2) Business Law world wide

3) Bankrupsy or Money laundering

4) Immigration matters for Canada, Australia, India, UK, USA, Newzealand (Restricted  to be only qualified people to have this part)

5) High Court or Supream court appeals in UK, India.

The English legal system is well respected throughout the globe for its fairness and due process and is regarded generally as 30 or 40 years ahead of most other common wealth countries in terms of development of laws and judgement for e.g in relation to cybercrime and environment protection etc. 


It is notable that many common wealth countries taken substantive notice and often follows the system set up in the UK for e.g. Kenya, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Nepal etc.   As such, Legal 247 Solutions ethos is provide strategic guidance and support in all areas of law as part of team of Advocates working in any given case.  In addition, Legal 247 Solutions aims to provide high level training and knowledge dissemination in common wealth countries, which follow common law principle as opposed to civil law systems such as in France and Germany. 


Legal 247 Solutions is headed by an experienced Barrister–at-Law with expertise in criminal law, recovery of proceeds of crime, confiscation.   Legal 247 Solutions is able to tap into network of solicitors and barristers to cater for all different areas of law, whether it is simple or highly complex and provide highly advanced legal analysis and solutions.   




Frequently Asked Questions

 1.    How does the Legal 247 solutions Franchise actually work?

The Legal 247 solutions Franchise is aimed at either sole practitioners, small firms, partners,  company executives and  counsel with at least 3 – 5 years experience, who wish to join an innovative business specialising in providing legal advice and support to small and medium sized enterprises and individuals, who do not want to continue working in a traditional advise & support service firm.

All you need to do is get in touch and we will then guide you through the process every step of the way.  We provide you with training in marketing, office systems and setting up a legal entity through which to trade.  We will ensure that on day 1 you have business cards, office software, a website of your own and an email address, access to precedents and financial department support.   In addition, we will take care of all SRA compliance. You will need your PI insurance for you, telephone answering and publicity, if you need them, benchmarking software and an up to date. Standard franchise information, operation manual.

All you need to do is turn up to your desk and start earning fees. All training, mentoring will be provided from Legal 247 solutions.

Legal 247 Solutions franchise is: 

  • ideal for  start-up, small-medium and boutique legal businesses in common wealth countries.  
  • Driven to deliver professional, personable and good value legal services & Solutions to the consumer.  .
  • Focused on attracting higher end work, not just mass volume
  • Committed to being a high calibre brand
  • Expanding through franchising globally.
  • Providing training to franchisee, regular mentoring and support  on wide range of matters


Areas covered:

1: Immigration for

  1. United Kingdom
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand
  6. East Africa
  7. India

2:  Criminal Law for above countries

    Confiscation, Litigation, Money laundering law.

3: Business Law, Corporate, International law, franchising law.

Much more when it comes to law talk to Legal 247 solutions, small courts to Supreme courts and  much higher.


  1. British Immigration Law:  This is significant and most sought after area of law in the common wealth for e.g. in relation to the following types of entry clearance visas:
    • Ancestry visa
    • Entrepreneur visa
    • Entertainment visa
    • Visit visa
    • Student visa
    • Marriage Visa
    • Spouse visa
    • Permanent residence


  1. Criminal Law
  2. Family and Matrimonial Law
  3. Corporate Law
  4. Franchising and Business Law, Business Litigation
  5. Administrative Law (Govt. Law, Public Law, Regulatory Law)
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration,
  1. Antitrust and Trade Regulations
  2. Aviation and Aerospace (Transportation)
  3. Banking (Finance, Financial Institutions and Services, Banking Regulation)
  4. Bankruptcy (Foreclosure, Insolvency, Reorganization, Workout, Debtor and Creditor, Collections)
  5. Bond (Municipal Finance, Securities)
  6. Capital Markets
  7. Charities
  8. Civil Rights
  9. Collections (Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor)
  10. Commercial Law (Transactions, Commercial Litigation)
  11. Communications and Telecommunications
  12. Competitive Practices (Antitrust and Trade Regulations)
  13. Computer and Internet Law (Intellectual Property, Technology)
  14. Condemnation (Eminent Domain)
  15. Construction Law (Architectural and Engineering Law; Real Estate, Construction Litigation)
  16. Copyright (Intellectual Property)
  17. Estates and Trusts (Probate)
  18. Family Law (Domestic Relations, Matrimonial Law)
  19. Finance (Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, Services, Private Finance, Placements)
  20. Food and Drug (Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Biotechnology)
  21. Foreclosure (Bankruptcy)
  22. Foundations (Nonprofit Organizations)
  23. Health Care Law (Professional Liability)
  24. Import, Export (International Trade)
  25. Indian Law
  26. Insolvency (Bankruptcy)
  27. Insurance (Insurance Defense and Regulation)
  28. Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patent and Trademark Law, Intellectual Property Litigation)
  29. International Law, Transactions, International Litigation International Trade
  30. Joint Ventures (Partnerships, Joint Ventures)
  31. Labor and Employment (Safety and Health, Employee Benefits, Labor and Employment Litigation)



2.    How will I attract enough work to pay the Bills?

The answer to this question is largely down to the effort that you are prepared to put into your Legal 247 solutions Franchise.  The  director, M Ganeshan , have both been in the same situation and both have succeeded in keeping the wolf from the door, in fact, have been staggered at the support he received from existing clients and their local business communities generally.

It is possible, with some strategic “warming” of your existing clients, to attract a reasonable income within weeks of starting with us.  We will also do our very best to provide you with enough referred work to get you started, but our business only really succeeds if you’re hungry, so it’s really down to you to mine your existing database of contacts and seek enough work to survive and then more.

One thing is certain – once we are paid by the client, you will be paid – that’s our guarantee to you.

3.    What marketing support will you offer initially and ongoing?

We will offer each new joiner full marketing support from the outset, both through the promotion of you personally and Legal 247 solutions as a practice, to your contacts and those networking groups in your target area.

Local and regional press coverage, a website based on our themed site but promoting you exclusively and help with introductions if practicable are all fitted as standard in our legal franchise package.

4.    What happens to my clients if I decide to leave?

Your clients are exactly that – yours!  Yes that’s right, there are no restrictive covenants attached to those clients you bring with you and none for those you derive through your marketing efforts under our brand either.  The only time we might want to discuss restrictions is where a client is introduced to you by us, but even that’s handled on a case by case basis.

Why are we so relaxed? – To be honest, if you’re the right person for us, we actually don’t think you will want to leave and if you do, we’ll be happy to wish you every success in whatever you choose to do.

5.    Who is responsible for supervising my work and how?

The director  of the business have ultimate supervisory responsibility for each of you and exercise that responsibility by ensuring that they visit or communicate each member of the team on a monthly basis to discuss their own franchise matters and any concerns at all.  In addition, weekly telephone/ skype / Webanaire one-2-one’s are always possible and ad hoc meetings can also be arranged.

We also arrange a half yearly social gathering so that all our consultants get an opportunity, in an informal setting, to meet and share experiences with one another – and you only have to listen to a couple of short presentations from us too!!

6.    What is the limit of indemnity on the practice’s PI policy?

Naturally the PI limit can be subject to variation on an annual basis, owing to the vagaries of the insurance market but currently we have a limit on any one claim of £10m.

7.    What level of referred work can I expect to receive initially and ongoing?

The nature of our work means that we are unable to guarantee any level of referred work to get you going, but where work is available, where possible. we will do our very best to offer it to new franchisees in their first months with us, for obvious reasons. We will provide 100 leads initially.

Your success is, after all, our success.

8.    Isn’t this model seen as a “home for the disaffected, unwanted and useless”?

You could see it like that, or you could see it like the existing director and franchisees – an opportunity to make more money, work your own hours to suit your lifestyle and in a location that suits you and your family.

Certainly the director have experienced personal hardship and a feeling that they had been “scrapped” by their past firms (each was a partner who had felt secure and was then made redundant), but adversity is a great motivator and used correctly those feelings can be powerful tools in building a successful franchise.  We’ve succeeded and so can you because we will empower you to do so.  Very soon you will stop feeling useless, unwanted or disaffected and start to thrive on the successes of your business.

 9.    Could I work for other practices as well as Legal 247 solutions?

No of course not, subject to one or two caveats which we will discuss with you at the time


10.  Can 2 or 3 of us join under one Legal 247 solutions consultancy banner?

Yes.  This is a very sensible way forward for those smaller firms who are wondering how they might survive in the new digital age.  Yes, you would lose your identity, but think of the flexibility you gain and the potential savings too and why not give us a try?

11.  How do you maintain a collegiate atmosphere and build strengths in a team?

In addition to weekly one-2-one calls and a quarterly meeting with one of the directors, we arrange a half yearly social gathering so that all our consultants get an opportunity, in an informal setting, to meet one another and share their experiences.  We also provide weekly updates on the success stories and learning points, from within the wider team and hold occasional joint training sessions.

In essence, you may work independently in your own environment, but you’re never alone because Skype, email and telephone contact keep you in touch with clients and us.

12.  Can I really set my own targets?

Yes.  It’s entirely up to you how much you earn, subject to our de-minimis level of £10,000.  If you need £50,000 of fee income then you’ll bill somewhere in the region of £72,000 – it’s that simple!

13.  What legal entity do your existing consultants operate in their businesses?

Most of our franchisees will operate through their own limited company.  They invoice Legal 247 solutions effectively as a consultancy, a model followed by the current directors of the business.

14.  Is there an opportunity for career progression?

Legal 247 solutionsis always on the look-out for talented and motivated individuals who have the desire to take the business to the next level.  We have built the business with succession planning in mind and when the time is right for each party we will be only too pleased to discuss your career progression with us in more detail.

15.  What level of administrative support is available?

Each franchisee will receive the benefit of full financial back office support so that all you need to do is send an email asking for a transaction to be recorded and it will all be taken care of on the office system and at the bank.

Other secretarial support is offered by way of an available resource paid for by the franchisee on a call down basis.  We advise that each franchisee should have some way of being able to digitally create dictation which can then be sent to one of our secretaries and returned to you for you to approve and send out.


16.  Is all work quoted on a fixed fee basis or can we use other methods?

Our aim is to ensure that at least 80% of our work is carried out on a fixed fee basis.  Experience suggests that our clients enjoy the certainty that such an approach provides and are more prepared to instruct us on that basis.  However, we also recognise that there will always be some matters where a different approach is needed and we therefore have an applicable hourly or daily rate to deal with this which is uniform across the business, except in London!


17.  Do you really all work from home – all the time?

Of course not, sometimes we work from friends’ houses, whilst visiting and in extreme cases from our sun loungers!  In all seriousness, most of us choose our own hours, our own place of work and we manage our client portfolios accordingly.  We are always available, in the sense of having access to email and telephone services, but not always contactable and we find that with the right approach this works well for us and clients alike.

18.  What hours will I need to work to make a good living?

The hours you work are determined by you.  You set your own target and you retain complete control over your working life.  Naturally some mathematics is involved , but as a generalisation, provided you are busy for 3 chargeable hours a day, most of you will make more than enough money to be content.

19.  How often do you recruit?

The nature of our business model is such that we are always looking for the right people to augment our growing team.  There are no boundaries and no set criteria, but we have a recruitment process that allows us to find the right sort of people who fit the profile we are seeking.  So why not give us a call and have a no obligation chat, we’re always pleased to meet up and discuss your future!

20.  How do you benchmark performance?

 Your performance is not only important to your clients, it’s vital to the success of our business too.  We were the first small law practice to take delivery of the Law League Legal 247 website  package that allows you to invite your clients to partake in a quick on-line survey of your performance.  This enables us to see who is exceeding expectations and who needs a little more support, but for the avoidance of doubt, it is not a tool used to manage you.


Business in a box for law firms

We provide a finely tuned business model and supporting infrastructure that will enable you to set up and operate quickly and efficiently. Central marketing support and business development will help you to grow your franchise. Read more about the benefits available.

The value to you?

For Advocates ready to embrace the future and willing to be guided into more effective ways of doing business, Legal 247 Solutions helps you build value in your business:

  • Start your own business with lower outlay
  • Transform your existing firm with a specially-developed business model
  • Achieve greater client-focus with a lower cost-base
  • Create and motivate your team
  • Deliver effective marketing strategies
  • Improve handling of finances
  • Better serve, retain and expand your client base
  • Build an attractive exit strategy


The reason we devised the national franchise

We saw a clear space in the market. Legal 247 Solutions has been designed to counter the growing number of web and call centre based, low-cost providers of ‘face-less’ legal services. As a national network of high calibre legal professionals, the franchise's focus is to deliver good value, personable and professional legal services and attract higher-end work; rather than purely mass volume work that new entrants are most coveting.  

This is not just skin-deep or a new sign on the door

Prospective members will have to pass our rigorous assessment process and demonstrate a willingness to operate in a new way. We know who our target market is and work hard to meet the needs of the individuals forming it.

Legal 247 Solutions (TM) is a brand owned by Professional Business Structures Ltd. Registered company number:.

Franchise fee- Master franchise £75,000- + Other cost

Regional Franchise- £ 25,000- + Other costs

Unit Franchise  £15,000-+ other costs

Benefit of the Legal 247 Solutions Franchise:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Gross Income




Total Overheads


£ 50,000


Net Profit






  • As the globe is getting smaller due to modern communication, this franchise It provides an opportunity to be part of a prestigious London based legal services provider with cutting edge innovation and concept to cater for the future legal market. 
  • It will provide an opportunity to conduct diverse legal business with strong support and strategic guidance from London rather than being limited to one particular area of expertise.   
  • It gives Advocates and Clients with highly professional, tailored and trustable legal services with focus on customer outcome.  
  • It gives Advocates and clients with the updated information and knowledge base to ensure that you are one step ahead of the rest of the market competition be it locally and/or nationally. This is based on rigours training and education program and assistance in the required areas of laws. 
  • It will provide an opportunity to tap into network of highly trusted and qualified Advocates (Barrister and Solicitors) in the UK.
  • It will provide an opportunity for the franchise to be expanded to broader regions and/or countries.  

Eight Stages of Setting Up Legal 247 Solutions Franchise.


Stage 1          Respond to intial inquiry and Issue “Information Request” to prospective candidates.

Stage 2          Meeting with prospective franchisee for an intial evaluation in order to manage expectations. Legal 247 solution prospective franchisee draft documents and conduct due diligence for franchise.

Stage 3          Under take on the job evaluation for prospective franchisee to obtain information, evaluation of business model of L-247 solutions.

Stage 4          Issue “self-assessment” to evaluate the candidate against core and legal competencies required by legal 247 selection criteria.

                        Complete the final selection meeting with prospective franchisee.

Stage 5          Prospective franchisee pays holding deposit to L 247 solutions & is classified as “Provisionally Approved”.

Stage 6          “Final Check” completed to measure the results of the “Self-Assessment against the responses following the selection Meeting.

Stage 7          Franchisee commences L247 Induction, training program for 4 weeks , two weeks at London Office and one weeks shadowing in courts with in UK as field training, one week learning administrative and documentation, use of soft wares.

Stage 8          Settlement, payment of the balance L247 of costs and Franchise opening Launched.

What do you need to be successful as Legal 247 solution Franchisee?

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work. However,you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of Legal 247 solutions franchise will be there for you to see from day one. If you possess the following attributes then a Legal 247 solutions franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

  • A willingness to work hard, because there is simply no substitute for hard work.
  • A willingness to persevere, because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.
  • The desire to work for yourself, and take proper control of your own destiny.
  • The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest professional standards.

Total Investments Required:£20,000

Liquid Capital Required:£10,000


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