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Puppy Dog Franchise

Puppy Dog Hotel:

 The India's Premier Home Boarding and Visiting Home Dog Care Service


Dogs are now the most widely kept pet in the India and overseas (over 20 million dogs), with dog owners turning away from the kennels of the past. Puppy Dog Hotel naturally attracts clients at the top end of the market who require the highest level of care for their pets and by virtue of the love, care and first class service offered choose Puppy Dog Hotel as their first option and are prepared to pay premium prices for their dog(s) to be boarded. In addition, these high end clients tend to take more holidays and make more business trips each year. Puppy Dog Hotel is unlike the majority of dog and pet franchises on the market today which require you to find and manage ‘Host’ families (carers) for dog and pet services (more of a recruitment agency than a true pet business) and where a large number of these ‘Host families/boarders/carers' may be unlicensed which is a criminal offence.

Company Overview

Puppy Dog Hotel was opened in 2013 by dog lovers with over 20 years’ experience of loving and caring for our canine friends. 

We also have experience in the pet and aquatic retail trade giving us an extensive knowledge of domestic pets.

Puppy Dog Hotel aimed from the outset to offer a loving, safe family home, providing a very high quality and professional level of service to our clients and their dogs that could not be bettered anywhere else. Our services include both boarding and home pet visiting services: holiday cover, day-care, residential training, feeding/cleaning a client’s pets, dog walking and a pet taxi.

The Franchise

As a Puppy Dog Hotel franchisee your canine guests will stay with you in your home, which we believe is much more fun and rewarding. Additional income streams can also be built by offering various visiting pet services. These could include dog walking, feeding a client’s cat/pet, or offering a pet taxi service.

A Puppy Dog Hotel franchise is offered for just £10,000 + VAT; this figure includes the most comprehensive and extensive launch pack in the industry (valued at £10,000) which contains all the equipment and peronalised stationery that you need to run your own Puppy Dog Hotel as well as all relevant legal documentation. This will allow you to start your business quickly and without hidden costs.

You will be granted a five year licence for a large franchise postcode territory enabling you to build your business and profits.

You will receive 10 days’ training at Head Office incorporating classroom, practical and online elements and covering all aspects of owning your own Puppy Dog Hotel, including first aid and canine care training at a veterinary practice plus an additional five days’ training at your Puppy Dog Hotel at the start of trading.

Puppy Dog Hotel Golden_1

Owning a Puppy Dog Hotel will allow you access to our bespoke online management system (free for first 6 months, then a small monthly contribution). Some of the features include:

  • Bookings – ‘Guest’ bookings are handled easily and quickly with the system confirming which dogs are booked in and for what duration. 
  • Invoicing – Is simple and easily managed. 
  • Marketing and Advertising – The e-mail marketing facility allows you to contact your customers quickly and efficiently, and we will help you with advertising and promotions.
  • Document Library – The ‘storage area’ for all the information regarding your ‘guests’ and their owners, a vital function for the efficient running of your Puppy Dog Hotel. 
  • Bookkeeping Function – Giving you all the financial information that you need to run a successful and profitable Puppy Dog Hotel. 
  • Discussion Forums and Phone Line – The internal means of communicating with both Head Office and your fellow franchisees. 
  • Internal Shop – Your access to the best quality goods and equipment available today.

What We Require

We are looking for dog and pet lovers from across the UK who are prepared to offer love, care and a very high level of service to their clients and guests. 

You do not necessarily need a large detached house to own a Puppy Dog Hotel, a flat (own garden required though) could operate a Puppy Dog Hotel. Our brand and reputation are very important to us, so we are extremely careful when choosing our franchise partners. It is fair to say that not everyone who applies for a Puppy Dog Hotel franchise will be successful, our process is thorough and there is no guarantee that all applicants will be accepted as Puppy Dog Hotel Franchisees.

So if you fancy a career change, have been made redundant, left the forces or simply want to be your own boss with the freedom that it offers and you think you have what it takes, then we would love to hear from you and hopefully welcome you into the family of Puppy Dog Hotel as we build the brand across the UK. As with any family member we will always have your best interest at heart and look after you.



Total Investments Required:£10,000

Liquid Capital Required:£5,000


Pet Food franchise

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Total Investments Required:£10,000

Liquid Capital Required:£5,000


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