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97 p Retail store

It's pennies at dawn for rivals

97p store is now in your city. It fulfils your daily requirements under one roof. It has wide variety of products and strives to give 100% satisfaction to its customers.The well equipped store stocks products like home ware, car care, beauty and health care, food and drinks, kitchen, confectionery, pet, cleaning, battery, party wear, bakery, treat and ease stationery, dental care and everything under a single roof. The store understands customer’s requirements and is a one stop shop. It has also got the provision of staff whose presence in the store would help customers avoid confusions regarding the products and the place where they are kept. The staffs are well trained and courteous.The bakery and café has got wide variety of bakery and coffee menu. The ambiance is well designed and intended to attract the customers and offer them a place to hang out and relax with sumptuous snacks and treats.A store guaranteed to provide all that you need and value for your money with the best service in town!

Total Investments Required:£150,000

Liquid Capital Required:£100,000


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