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Pure Health

The Pure Health Franchise
Offering a flavourful, healthy alternative to fast food!

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If you have a passion for servinghealthy foods, a Pure Healthfranchise provides a perfect alternative to traditional fast food restaurants. Our team of experts can train you in all the aspects of your enterprise, from marketing and operations to inventory, staffing, site selection and more.

For over a decade, Fresh & Healthy Brands has been bringing consumers around the world dining choices that offer healthy alternatives to fast food. Now with franchises operating in 24 countries, Fresh & Healthy’s four distinct concepts, which include Pure Health, are leading the way in creating fresh, tasty meals, beverages and snacks that are convenient, delicious and fun.

Pure Health Franchise Opportunity_4Pure Health is fast becoming the world’s most dynamic new health food franchise opportunity. Our franchise partners are realising their dreams of business ownership, with the strong support of our development team of business advisors, food service experts, store designers and financial experts. We cover the full spectrum in dining and also in store design, offering the flexibility of bar, kiosk or lounge footprints. This presents each franchisee with additional opportunities to deliver the Pure Health concept when and where customers are most receptive. We are now expanding around the globe and invite interested entrepreneurs to contact us to find out more.

The Pure Health menu provides customers with a nutritious and delicious selection of sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads, along with fresh blends, juice drinks and frozen yogurt treats. The combination is a winner, with Pure Health becoming a "go to” destination for loyal customers seeking a dining option to match their healthy life style.

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Pure Health franchise partner are:Pure Health Franchise Opportunity_3
  • Being your own boss – You’ll be the one to make the rules and set the pace, and the one who reaps the rewards of your effort.
  • Comprehensive training – We provide extensive training in advance; including systems, finances, food preparation, personnel practices – everything you’ll need to get your business under way.
  • Proven business plan – We’ll share our best practices with you and show you the marketing, promotion and operational techniques that have worked for other franchise partners.
  • Operational systems – We have designed, implemented and fine-tuned operational systems for efficient, effective restaurant management.
  • Superior products – Our test kitchen is staffed by experienced chefs and nutritionists who are continually working on exciting new menu items for each of Pure Health Franchise Opportunity_2our concept brands.
  • Continuous support – Fresh & Healthy will provide ongoing support for your Pure Health business, including advertising and promotional ideas, marketing programmes, ongoing menu development and new product introductions.

For those interested in building a successful life of independence, while helping customers enjoy a healthier, more convenient life style, a Pure Health franchise is an exceptional business opportunity.

Total Investments Required:£10,000

Liquid Capital Required:£5,000

Category:Low Cost Franchise

Total Investments Required:£10,000

Liquid Capital Required:£5,000

Category:Low Cost Franchise

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