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Franchise is looking for Master Franchisees in different countries

This is a unique opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs who want to see their income multiplied with a reduced investment, who want to be in charge of the development of our brand in your country, who want to be completely independent in their management, and who would like to benefit from a huge margin from the new openings and product sales, and all of it with constant support from the franchisor in India.

UNO's main goal is to be present in India, Europe and America. To achieve that, we offer a LOW COST entry fee as National Master Franchisee which can be made back in a short time.A franchise resale is a franchise operation that is already trading which the current franchisee has put on the market. You get all the normal benefits of a franchise, such as a recognised brand, proven business model and training and support, but with the addition of a trading history, established customers and fully trained staff. Watch a video about the Benefits of buying a franchise for more information.


We’re looking for Master Franchisees

We’re looking for Master Franchisees mainly in:
Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia,             Holland and other countries.
America: Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Miami and others.

Contact us now, if you are an active person who seeks self-realisation with an ambitious project that is rewarding and profitable, if you want to have businesses in other countries and manage a brand with a steady growth or if you are an entrepreneur aiming to grow in a different industry. 

We’re waiting for you!



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Total Investments Required:£10,000

Liquid Capital Required:£5,000


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