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Loyal Softech Franchise

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Initial Investments - £ 5000

Liquid Capital - £ 3000

Total Investments - £ 8000

Return on Investment - £24,000 in Year 1approx



Get involved in the business of the 21st century.

  • Activ Net MarketingHave you got drive & and ambition?
  • Do you want to be in charge of your own destiny?
  • Do you want to build a secure future for you and your family?
  • Would you like to be involved in a business that has a tremendous future?
  • Would you like to be recognised as a supporter and contributor to your local business community?

Money Back GuaranteeWhen Loyal Softech was launched in 1984 we were the first company to offer low cost fixed price websites that made the internet affordable for small and start up businesses across the UK.

As the internet has evolved so has Loyal Softech. Our franchisees are not web designers they are web marketing consultants offering a comprehensive range of services that includes website design & mobile website creation, search engine optimisation, social media management, website auditing, e-commerce, animation, CRM and email marketing, amongst other products, all at competitive rates that our competition can only dream about.

Our Loyal Softech franchisees have helped thousands of small businesses across the country grow their companies by offering cost effective ways of getting their business seen and visited on the internet.


The Loyal Softech Net Marketing opportunity would suit:

  • Someone looking for a career change.
  • A person who has been made redundant.
  • People who want an extra income.
  • Someone who prefers to work from home.
  • A business in a related field that wants to expand their products or services.
  • Someone in a dead end job who wants to build something to be proud of.
  • A person who wants to build a financially secure future for themselves & their family.
  • A person with an interest in the internet that would like to make a fantastic living out of it.


What the Loyal Softech Net Marketing opportunity offers:

  • Training on our products, strategies & software
  • Ongoing support, guidance & training
  • Regular marketing help using tried & proven methods
  • An unlimited earning potential
  • The very latest developments & updates to keep you current as the Internet evolves
  • And lots more.

In return for a low cost investment we offer you the chance to build and sustain a secure lucrative long term business that could provide you with the financial freedom you have been waiting for.

Income – Whether you are looking to work part time or full time the decision is entirely yours. For example we have franchisees who just want to generate an extra £1,000 to assist with paying their mortgage, compared to others who earn in excess of £5,000 per month.

Flexibility – Work whenever and wherever you like, using the very latest internet technology you can work from home, your favourite coffee shop, in the garden or by the beach all you need is an internet connection.

Freedom – This is your business, you’re in charge; you make your own decisions daily to achieve the financial and personal ambitions you have always wanted.

Quality of Life – Ever had those stressful days where your feet don’t touch the floor because you work full time, have a household to run and a family to look after let alone the cat and the dog!

Software, Programmes & Strategies – With Loyal Softech Net Marketing you receive access to our purpose-built web design software, the very latest SEO & social media strategies and our email marketing programs. This software has been developed to speed up the process of building websites freeing you up to spend more time growing your business. Your client's SEO & social media strategies are performed by our experts leaving you to simply give your clients their reports which gives you the opportunity to build a solid professional business relationship with your customer.

Market Leader – Loyal Softech Net Marketing is a highly recognised brand and is growing all the time. Our franchisees have helped and supported thousands of businesses across the UK.

Back office support – As an Loyal Softech Net Marketing franchisee you will receive FULL support from the team at Loyal Softech head office from technical advice through to customer service.

Transparency – Unfortunately there are lots of rogue traders out there in every industry, including web marketing and design. With Loyal Softech Net Marketing your customer will know their costs up front, with no nasty surprises.


Would you like the prospect of working from home in a massively expanding industry, where you have the choice of working part time or full time? If so then you should consider investing in Loyal Softech Franchise Marketing a office or home-based franchise opportunity. You set your own hours & income to suit your current lifestyle & commitments using our proven business model to be successful…



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