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Franchise License Fee Rs: 5.00 Lacs    Special offer  Rs 2 Lacs

Liquid Capital Rs: 5.00 Lacs (Approx)

Total Investment Rs: 10.00 Lacs (Approx)

Royalty 10% per per month on gross taking

Return on Investment - 25-30% in First Year

Basic Size: Minimum four rooms

Interiors: As per specifiction



Do you have energy and enthusiasm and enjoy working with children? Are you ready to take your first step towards a whole new start?

The Angel English school franchise enables you to build your own successful day nursery & Schoolunder our highly-respected brand. Operating one of our Day Nursery franchises is rewarding on so many different levels.  Certainly the business is extremely profitable, and successful nurseries have a significant resale value if you later decide to sell the business. Some franchisees will look at this as an investment opportunity, and recruit staff to handle the day-to-day running of the nursery.  Others will prefer to be more ‘hands on’, and get involved in the fun and friendly world of childcare – either way, the business can be structured to suit what you need both in terms of financial and personal rewards.

About the Business

There is of course a very large market for our service, but we recognise – from our own personal experience – that in order to Children drawingsucceed we need to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.  The parents who visit us never fail to be impressed by our unique approach to childcare; friendly knowledgeable staff, sophisticated CCTV security, biometric entry systems, full air-conditioning, high-quality dietary provisions – these are just some of the facilities which make parents choose a Angel English school over any other.  By becoming part of our brand and operating to our same exacting standards, you too can enjoy the levels of success enjoyed by our original nurseries and benefit from the strength of the brand nationwide.

We have developed a unique system which is loved by parents and children alike, but the key to our success is in maintaining extremely high standards across all of our nurseries.  Our systems for safety and security are second to none, ensuring a safe, caring and fun environment which parents love to recommend to their friends and families.

Becoming a franchiseeChildren on climbing frame

As a Franchisee you will receive all of the training, support and guidance necessary to get your business up and running quickly and painlessly, reducing the risks normally associated with business start-ups as you will be following our own proven system. We will work with you to develop a tailored business plan, help you identify premises, locate staff and find customers.  Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring your business succeeds, so we will always be on hand to help you grow your business.

There will be investment required, and building any new business requires hard work and dedication, but running your own Angle English school is hugely rewarding in so many ways - and not just financially!




Anglel English school is now offering its franchise operation in India, Middle East, UK, EU, Africa, Canada at a special license fee price of £2000 only for  providing quality education in this area.


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