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How2Franchise your Business



Franchising business needs


Expert consultant to find franchisee

28 Years of experience with in Franchising business by H2F has given it biggest flatform for any business to expand any where in the world through franchising route. We provide you all the solution at cost effective method to expand. We only earn when we find franchise for our franchisors.


DIY Package for franchisor

We sell on line DIY templets which franchisor can buy and prepare their own documents

Our Franchise Template Document Includes


Operations Manual

Franchise Agreement

Franchise Marketing

Health & Safety Manual

How2Franchise Manual

Business Plan Template

Draft Daily Procedure Document

Draft Advertising & Marketing Manual

Draft Personnel & Staff Manual




Franchise Friend & Launch Manager Package

We do 95% of your franchise work. Individual e blast campaigns using a web-based hosting platform that allows us to send email blasts to email addresses, from an already obtained purchased list


Independent Marketing Reports from - suppliers


PR release to all papers & magazines from a specialist PR company


We will work Franchiseek and other Website Directories to get your franchise listed on your behalf


Google campaign aimed at your page re pay per click on


Special feature on a new Franchisor of the Month(including more copy & photos)


New Video (minimum of 3 month agreement


Adverts in national press at special price


We continue to take the details and answer the questions of every enquirer and, subject to passing the initial screening, send them


documentation, usually a prospectus (info pack) via pdf.


Every lead is processed, and subsequent interviews scheduled and conducted. The cost of the interview


(coffee/hotel/parking/salaries/travel) come out of the commission of successful sales


(a) Handling all enquiries and following them up

(b) Qualifying potential franchisees and arranging meetings

(c) Meeting potential franchisees

(d) Following up potential franchisees after the meeting

(e) Setting up the legal contracts and handling the arrangements for new franchisees buying into the franchise


Franchisor & Franchise Support


We support our Franchisor from start to as things goes on. Franchising is three stage process


  • Help Franchise as a baby help them to stand and take steps in business
  • Help fFranchise when they are teenage in business and would make mistakes or likely to make one.
  • Help franchisee when they are at Addult stage to expand

Global Platform under one Umbrella


We provide global platform for our clients to expand under one umbrella of H2F.


  • Our partners are in various countries
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • China
  • Europe
  • Thailand
  • Africca
  • Singapore & much more coming up


Thinking of Franchising your business?

Look no further than How2Franchise - experts with over 20 years experience of franchising.

Thinking of Franchising your business?

Look no further than How2Franchise - experts with over 20 years experience of franchising.


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