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About Us

Intellifranchise is a part of H2F Worldwide Ltd based in London.

The objective of company is to provide professional consultancy support to all size of Business world wide.

At IntelliFranchise we are not just Franchise Consultants, in fact, we take an active role in setting up your business. Our Franchise Consultants provide the best priced Franchise Consultancy available in the franchise market with a proven background in franchising.


Intel Franchise   is reckoned as a prominent Service Provider, catering to the needs of many establishments in the country and across the world. We have emerged as a trusted name offering Franchise Consultancy and Franchise Document Development; apart from this, we render the Recruitment Services- recruiting Franchisee for the Franchisor. Also, we offer DIY (Do It Yourself) Franchise Templates, Franchise Friend and Launch Manager. In addition, we have gained expertise in rendering Food & Fast Food Franchise, Retail Franchise, Hair & Beauty Franchise, Spa Franchise, Education Franchise, Cleaning Franchise, Ice-cream Franchise, Automobile Repair & Maintenance Franchise, Apparel Franchise, Specialty Franchise, White Collar Franchise, Consultancy Franchise, Master Franchise, Franchise Resell, Service Franchise, Maintenance Franchise, Hotel Franchise, Property Franchise. We not only match the industry standards but also the expectations of all the clients. Our objective is to provide solutions backed with the latest technologies that provide full value to the clients. Also, we cater to the specific demands of the clients and design our Services accordingly. We are not just only Franchise Consultants, but also actively participate in building the brand and credibility of the business. The Service Charge at which our Services are rendered is the best. We complete the most complex franchise jobs on behalf of the clients, which enables us to earn their loyalty. Our commitment to offer pure excellence is depicted by our membership to prestigious bodies and awards. We are a Member of IFA, 4N Net and Ealing Chamber of Commerce. Also, we are awarded as the top Service Provider for the year 2012 by London Business Center.



We have invested substantially in designing and production facilities to meet the most challenging demands of the clients in terms of specific solutions and urgent deliveries. Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machinery, enabling us to offer the best to the clients.



To earn respect of the clients, we have the backing of an expert team with hands-on experience of varied domains. Our team consists of qualified and experienced personnel such as Designers, Production Managers, Franchisee Consultant and Sales & Marketing Executives. The team has rich experience of 10 years in rendering quality Services



Our extensive network attests the quality we offer. With the aid of a skilled team we are rendering premium Services, and aim to establish long-term relations with the clients. We have constructed client network in India, UK, EU Countries, China, Thailand, UAE, South Africa, Canada and Kenya.


Meet our team:

Intellifranchise London

Director - Trupti Gor

Trupti Gor,  is an accomplished Director with proven ability to devise and implement franchise international business growth strategies.

She is able to support, motivate & manage high performance team of Franchisee, Franchisor’s, including training and development.

Trupti Gor is an experience Director and has placed Intellifranchise in an exceptional level to support business to its full potential with launch of an international Franchise work.

Director - Minesh Gor


Minesh Gor, (PGDMBA International Trade) is an accomplished Director with proven ability to devise and implement growth strategies and profit improvement initiatives.

Minesh  is a goal driven professional Business Franchise Consultant; with expertise across a range of  Small, Medium, Large, Corporate Businesses Venture for operational changes to deliver exceptional profit driven expansion and innovative process improvement. In addition as a franchise consultant, his years of experience have carefully pre-screened many franchise companies and will help client by understanding why certain opportunities are better than other. He shows safer and most attractive business opportunities that are right for client. He will listen to your needs, interests and will counsel you on the essential topics, such as financial situation, past work experience, and help you manage your expectation about running a franchise business.

Kim Gor

He is able to support, motivate & manage high performance team of Franchisee, Franchisor’s, including training and development. Close communication to ensure the professional operational of teams; organisations. Effective analysis, decision making and planning abilities, combine with the experience to work within pressurised and fast-moving environments to achieve profit driven business goals.

A Mark

Mark is high level Marketing and sales person. He also carry his non practising legal license which helps to guide clients in house from law solutions.

He can take any business idea from inception to fruitfull result in franching.

Les Ingram

Les speciality is providing Business owners, corporate executives, and marketing professionals should all live by the common principle of satisfying their customers' needs.

Understanding Customer Needs - Effective inbound marketing starts with understanding who you're trying to reach, what their needs and interests are, and how you can help them succeed.

Providing Helpful Content - Establishing relationships with your customers starts with providing them with helpful information that can educate or entertain them to fulfill their needs. This valuable content can be offered on intellifranchise blog and social media outlets, as a form of advanced content. Les contribution to team and clients is unmatchable as we move into 2014. Les overseas franchise development in Europe. 

Avani Ganatra - H2F Ahmedabad 

Avani has joined the H2F Worldwide Ltd team in India,  brings in a 17 years plus of business 2 business experience. The aim is to “inspire and enable” business owners and individuals to define their goals and objective and have strategic plan to achieve through Franchising more efficiently and effectively through correct assesment

In addition she has wealth of experience & business knowledge working with high profile large companies in:

Developing & implementing strategic plans;

Achieving key sales targets;Systemising and mapping business processes and procedures;

Improving operations efficiency and customer service; Establishing high performing terms;

Her primary objective is to help franchisee and franchisor and achieve improvements individuals.

Kiran Nagpure - H2F India 

Kiran is very experience in Indian Geography and Indian business expansion through franchising, he has worked directly expanding SME business with in Government and non government sector with in India. He provides solution to his client to get value for money invested. HIs negotiation skills ability to motivate and provide support to team is outstanding.

Jatinder Chauhan - H2F Chandigadh  

Jatinder provides pragmatic, tailored made solution to support franchisee and franchisor to lead their business objective forward in right direction. His vision is to “inspire & motivate” business owners & individuals to define and achieve their goal through strategic business plan.

He has been in Real Estate property consultancy, IT & Fashion designing, banking and supporting franchise business for many years.

His key strengths are

Developing & implementing strategic plans; Achieving key sales targets; Systemising and mapping business processes and procedures, Improving operations efficiency and customer service, Establishing high performance terms.

D S Gill  - H2F North India

His experience of Indian Business franchise market allows him to explore providing solution including sharing lifestyle and attitute of Indian clients at all level. Mr Gill has worked in various walk of life for over 30 years and has tremendeous input when it comes to decision making, match making for right business franchise.

Mr Gill experience has put H2F India and Intellifranchise to a top position with in franchising sector with in India and overseas.

Nirmal Vaghela - H2F Baroda

Nirmal is result driven professional with demonstrated success pionering complex business franchise solutions, operational changes , consistendly delivering exceptional revenue expansion and innovative process implementation. HIs creative solution to business road blocks has put him in top level with in Gujarat business franchise market.

Satindersingh Bancil – H2F East Africa


Mr Bancil plays an important role in almost every franchise industry sector in and out of Africa. In its simplest form, he make sure about ensuring that customers' needs are met whilst maximising the profits of a company through franchising. Mr Bancil introduced Microsoft to the world of East Africa and then return back to United Kingdom. Now focusing franchisor expansion in East Africa and UK too.

Daud Hassan – H2F East Africa (Nairobi)

Mr Daud has been key player in expansion of Intellifranchise with in Nairobi, East Africa. His local knowledge and ability to speak local language and his British route has helped franchisor and franchisee to expand in strategic way.

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