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Terms and Conditions of Website use

Please read this document carefully as Intellifranchise part of H2F Worldwide Ltd, registered in England & Wales, intends to rely on these Terms. It contains important information about your rights and obligations and your access to and use of this website and/or the Services as well as liability limitations that may apply to you.

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This website is operated by or on behalf of Intellifranchise part of H2F Worldwide Limited with its registered office at suite 107, 145-147 Boston road, Hanwell, London, registered  ("Intellifrance) member of London Chamber of Commerce, Ealing Chamber of Commerce, 4N Networking, IFA, Intelliworld.Achiever of best franchise consultant for 2012-13.

If you have any concerns about material which appears on our site or wish to correspond with us in relation to this website, please contact us using the following address: Intellifranchise Customer Information Centre, Intellifranchise at above office address or by using the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

In these Terms:

"Product Services" means any chargeable or free services, consultancy available from a Franchisor or franchisee  through this website, including, for example, packaging or delivery services;

"Products" means the Intellifranchise products listed for sale by Sellers (Franchisor) on this website;

"Sellers" means Intellifranchise or the authorised dealers or franchisor of the Products who sell Products and Product Services on the website;

"Services" means any functions, facilities, applications, information or other services available through this website (including, where applicable, ISP (internet service provider and/or internet access) services);

"Intellifranchise Affiliates" means Intellifranchise and any entity which directly or indirectly owns or controls or is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by or in common ownership or control with Intellifranchise  to the extent of holding more than 50% of the shares or stock having the power to vote at a general meeting or equivalent;

"Terms" means these terms and conditions.

"User" or "you" means any person who accesses or uses this site, with or without Intellifranchise's authorisation and whether or not you are registered to use this or part of this site or a member or registered User of a Service offered through this site.

"This website" or "site" means the website (home page and underlying webpages) or other collection of information and/or applications operated by Intellifranchise and available for access via physically linked or wireless networks (including the internet and networks accessible using wireless application protocol or similar (wap) technology) through access devices such as PCs, laptop computers, ipad, mobile telephones, PDAs, digital cameras, televisions or other network-enabled devices, on which these Terms are posted or which is expressly referred to in connection with User being requested to agree to these Terms. Any reference to this website or site includes a reference to any related wap site. Certain other terms are defined in the text below.


By accessing, browsing or downloading any part of this site or its content, or posting or uploading to this site, or any other use of this site and its content, whether as a registered User or an unregistered visitor, you agree to comply with these Terms (which form a contract between you and Intellifranchise) and all relevant applicable laws. If your access to this site, or to any part of it, or to any Services is subject to the payment of a subscription fee, Intellifranchise may deny or suspend access in the event of late or non-payment of any fee due. If you do not agree to these Terms, please refrain from using this site.

You are responsible for obtaining the relevant hardware and software equipment and paying all telephone (or other network) charges necessary to access and use this site and the Services.

Access to this site or to the Services may be limited to a maximum number of times and/or duration in a given period of time. This site or certain parts of this site may contain adult or mature content. To access and view such content, you must be (and you represent that you are) at least 18 years old. If you permit children to access and view this site, you are responsible for supervising such access and determining which content or Services may be appropriate for children and which may not. Note that through this site or certain parts of the site it may be possible for children to make available publicly personal information relating to themselves.

You agree not to access this site by any means other than through the interface that is provided by Intellifranchise for use in accessing the site.



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