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Franchise Documents

This is where you can buy professional legal franchising documents in a template format, which can be easily customised to meet your businesses individual requirements. Available at a fraction of the cost to save you both time and money.
I am often asked "Why pay when I can download something like this elsewhere for free?"
Quite simply, you will not find similar quality, legal franchising documents anywhere for free, you only get what you pay for. We produce professional franchising documents which you will be completely satisfied -   Director Intellifranchise
Franchise Manual

How2Franchise Manual
£ 500 only Save£££'s in time
A brilliant 6-9 pages step-by-step guide onhow to Franchise Your Business.

Full of helpful tips and trade secrets.
Operations Manual

Operations Manual
Save countless hours  £500 only Save £££'s in time
Our specialists have taken over 28 years to develop this franchise operations manual .

The manual is completely flexible and covers all aspects of business operations.
Franchise Agreement

Franchise Agreement
Enjoy a fabulous saving £500 save £££'s
The 40 page Franchise Agreement Template has been developed by our legal experts.

The agreement covers all aspects necessary to secure your franchise business.
Franchise Marketing

Marketing Programme
Save ££'s in marketing and design £5000 save £££'s
We supply you with a complete, flexiblefranchise marketing  brochure template.

The brochure layout describes your franchise, consisting of five, six page templates.
Franchise Complete Package

How2Franchise Complete Package
Save almost ££'s on the cost of purchasing them individually.
Why not get our completeWays2Franchise Template Package for only £1999.

Everything you need to franchise your business is included.

Health & Safety Manual

Health & Safety Manual
£500 Save £££'s
This is an actual, Health and Safety Programme Manual template plusRisk Assessment Manual template.

You can very easily customise the templates to meet your Company requirements.


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